Enabling Individuals with Developmental Disabilities to Achieve Fulfilling Lives in their Local Communities

The Need for Higher Salaries for DSPs.

On January 8, NHR’s Executive Director Sam Laganaro and Staff Development Coordinator Monica Robinson spoke with Peter Leonard and the Poet Gold about the need to raise salaries for Direct Support Professionals.

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NHR Executive Director Sam Laganaro interviewed on Sept. 4 edition of "Chamber Sunrise Show"

New Horizons Executive Director Sam Laganaro joined Q92's "Chamber Sunrise Show" to discuss our mission and focus on developing "person-centered supports." Click the attached link to listen to Sam's entire interview which starts at 21:50 on the recording.

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Person-Centered Thinking at NHR

NHR's Staff Development Coordinator Monica Robinson was interviewed on the Radio Program "Finding Out With Peter And Ellen." Host Peter Leonard talks with Monica Robinson about Person-Centered Thinking and her new role as NHR's Staff Development Coordinator.

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Peter Leonard Finding Out

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