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New Horizons Joins the 2018 Think Differently Dash

On Friday evening about 200 runners including 30 from New Horizons joined the 2018 Think Differently Dash on Main Street in Poughkeepsie. Participants from NHR included people receiving residential and day supports, DSPs, administrative staff, family members and Board members.

The 2018 Think Differently Dash was part of September First Friday in Poughkeepsie and was followed by a street fair that attracted 2000 people to downtown for an evening of food, games and socializing.

The participants got to enjoy food from local restaurants, games and a karate demonstration from a local school. The race was open to anyone in the community who wanted to do something healthy and enjoy everything the community has to offer.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

Think Differently Dash 1 Think Differently Dash 2 Think Differently Dash 1