Residential Habilitation: In 1981, New Horizons opened its first residences for adults with developmental disabilities in a rural community in eastern Dutchess County, New York. Today, the agency has 30 residences located in Dutchess and Ulster counties that are home to over 200 people who range in age from their early 20's to their mid-80's and have plans to continue their growth. These individuals have a range of developmental disabilities and many have other challenges such as physical, hearing or visual impairments. The average size home accommodates five although there are several individuals who either rent their own apartment or live in a home they have purchased themselves. In all of its services, NHR is committed to creating environments where individual choice is respected and opportunities for learning and community intergration are provided.

Community Habilitation: Most of the individuals receiving Community Habilitation services from New Horizons are children and young adults living at home with their families. These services focus on enhancing the individual's various daily living skills and /or offering opportunities for support for recreational activities.

Day Habilitation: This service is structured with emphasis on activities in the community such as swimming, hiking and biking. Other activities are determined based on the interest, capabilities and desires of each individual. Day Habilitation services provide opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to learn functional skills while participating in activities available in the local community.

Briggs Farm Weekend Respite: The respite program at Briggs Farm is offered year round to children and adults with developmental disabilities. This program is funded through Medicaid and a generous grant from the Taconic Developmental Disabilities Services Office. The respite program is recreationally based and has strong focus on community activities and inclusion. Weekends are structured according to the likes of our guests.

Briggs Farm Summer Camp: Summer camp is provided for school age children and coincides with area school districts closing dates. This program helps families find care for children who are finished with the academic school year and are awaiting summer school. This is a recreationally based program and children enjoy a wide variety of activities.

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