Double Your Donation for the CEC Pilot!
Matching Gift Extended until August 31st!

An anonymous benefactor has agreed to match contributions for the Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC) Pilot Program through August 31st, 2018!

• We are about 75% towards reaching our goal of $75,000 needed to implement this exciting and important program!
• Please consider making a donation, no matter the size!!!
• In addition, please consider reaching out to friends, family and other compassionate people you know who might be open to helping those with developmental disabilities gain opportunities to lead a more meaningful, fulfilling, and enriched life! Every dollar counts!!!

What is the CEC Position?: A new position developed by NHR administrators and members of NHR’s Family Group in an effort to expand enrichment and social opportunities for the individuals that are supported by NHR.

The Purpose of the CEC Position: is to assist and facilitate NHR staff in providing opportunities for the men and women that NHR serves to pursue their personal interests and increase their participation in community, educational, and social events which would help decrease idle time, promote or maintain skills, and ultimately enhance their personal well-being and overall quality of life!

The CEC will accomplish this by: investigating areas of interests, upcoming events and venues; collaborating with NHR and other local agencies; disseminating information, and coordinating resources and transportation with staff and interested individuals to facilitate affordable and safe participation in these activities.

Calvin D. Bill B. Mike B. Steph B, David D. are all smiles when meeting a cast member from the show “Anything Goes” at the Sharon Playhouse in June!

Take Advantage of the Matching Gifts through August 31st!!:

Send a check payable to New Horizons Resources, Inc. 123 West Road, Pleasant Valley, NY, 12569, Attn: David McGorry and designate for the “CEC position,” or go online to, click “Make a Gift” and in section for ‘Special Instructions’ type “Designated for CEC Program.”

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If you have any questions pleasecontact David McGorry at: or (845) 473-3000 X1322.

The Power and Promise of Community Engagement
Contributed by Mary McNamara

Staff and people supported at NHR are so excited about the prospect of having a Community Engagement Coordinator on staff. Community involvement is a huge part of what we do, but it can be challenging to find affordable activities that meet the needs and desires of the individuals we serve. The idea of having someone who will have the ability to devote the majority of their time to linking individuals with enrichment activities is an answer to some of our biggest questions: What activities are available, accessible, and not cost prohibitive? How will we figure out transportation? How can we help people discover new interests and hobbies? And, how can we do more to help community members welcome and see the value we have to offer the public? I see this position as an extension of our commitment to quality, and a way to look deeper into what people truly value on an individual level, and as an avenue to actualize more inclusion. The fact that this position is being funded, in part, by generous donations; makes the potential of The Community Engagement Coordinator that much more meaningful.
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